Quickly create scripts in Unity with namespaces already in. It's nothing crazy, but it speeds things up!

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Quite simply, we got tired of adding namespaces to our Monobehaviours in Unity. As a Unity project gets larger, namespaces can be beneficial to those looking to keep code organized and use C# to its fullest.

Namespacer is straight forward and easy to use: Simply right-click in the Unity project window and select "Create" -> "Namespaced C# Script" and you will have a new script with a namespace that follows the same logical structure as a .NET project. You can even set root folders for Namespacer to ignore in the generated namespace path. Check out the docs for more info.

Additionally, an asset this simple should have a simple footprint as well. There is no mess of folders, scripts or all sorts of files when you import Namespacer; There is only one simple .dll and a generated .asset file to store settings. The last thing we want to do is keep your Unity project from looking as clean as you want it to be!